KT Solar – Solar Panel Kit Portable Folding 12V 160Watt Premier Dual Charging (KT70711)

Model No. KT70711
Portable Folding Solar Panel Kit, 12V, 160 Watt Dual Charging

KT PREMIER 160 Watt, 12V Solar Panel Folding Kit is the most practical means of charging batteries during outdoor activities such as camping, motor vehicle / 4WD, boating, or any isolated activities wherever power is in short and you require a charge from our sun’s natural solar power. The KT solar kit is mainly composed of two mono-crystalline solar panels and a solar control regulator. The system is completely automatic, ensuring the correct charge to your battery, with no fear over overcharging and ensuring your batteries life span whilst in desolate environments. This kit has been designed with unique features, unlike any other solar panel kit. The two major features being the ability to charge two batteries simultaneously from the one solar controller and featuring a smaller footprint and lighter in weight than traditional solar panel folding kits.

• Total weight of 12.76 Kgs – 2Kg Lighter than other 160 Watt Folding Solar Kits
• Close to a square footprint in size
• Ability to charge 2 x 12V batteries simultaneously
• Kit can be regulated or unregulated for battery charge
• Solar Controller connection features a L.E.D 50 Amp heavy duty connector to indicate when panels are “live”
• 10M Accessory Lead with 50Amp Heavy Duty Connector with In-built Voltmeter
• 500mm Accessory Lead with Positive / Negative Battery Clamps
• 500mm Accessory Lead with 8mm Ring Terminals
• Innovative design, sturdy support frame with cross bars.
• Controller is mounted to the panel leg supports, reducing de-rating
• Protective abs corners, with 2 spare corner protectors included
• 2 x Heavy duty swivel carry handles on adjacent sides
• Heavy duty carry & storage bag with accessory storage compartments

Kit Includes:
1 x Premium Quality 2 x 80W mono-crystalline cells in parallel (160Watts total)
1 x 30Amp, 12V Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller (PWM)
1 x Heavy Duty Carry / Storage Bag
2 x Spare Corner Protectors
1 x 10M Accessory Lead with 50Amp Heavy Duty Connector with in-built Voltmeter
1 x 500mm Accessory Lead with Positive / Negative Battery Clamps
1 x 500mm Accessory Lead with 8mm Ring Terminals
1 x Instruction Manual

Brochure: KT70711

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