CU500 82v 8kWh Utility Vehicle

This dependable workhorse is equipped with a powerful 8kW max gTRON drive system and operates with the equivalent power of a 22hp / 352cc displacement petrol engine.

Its impressive 8kWh battery module provides up to 65km on a single charge for all day commercial use. Users can safely and confidently tackle slopes of up to 20° and accelerate to a maximum speed of 43kph using the intelligent control system which automatically adjusts to various terrain conditions and ensures exceptional traction control and handling in any environment.

The 254mm (10″) ground clearance and astounding 184cm (72.5″) wheelbase allows for easy handling in any off-road situation and the robust 150kg (330lb) spring assisted dump bed, 454kg (1,000lb) payload capacity, 567kg (1,250lb) rear towing capacity and 1,134kg (2,500lb) front hitch winch make light work of any hauling or transporting job.

The powerhouse built-in 8kWh lithium-ion battery module processes information extremely quickly ensuring all interconnected systems work to preserve and perform as efficiently as possible. Prismatic cells and safe LFP technology deliver maximum safety and longevity while retaining 70% state-of-charge after 2,000 full charge cycles. High energy density cells, a strong protective aluminium case and increased temperature resistance/ regulation provide protection and performance while operating in extreme conditions. The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) efficiently controls charging, overcharge protection, temperature regulation (battery warm-up/cool down), energy conservation and maximum discharge current.

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Model CU500SB
Voltage 82V
Motor Type AC induction
Max Power Rating 15kW
Wheelbase 184cm (72.5″)
Ground Clearance 254mm (10″)
Payload Capacity 454kg (1,000lbs)
Tow Capacity 567kg (1,250lbs)
Horsepower 22hp equivalent
Engine Displacement 352cc equivalent
IPX Rating 4
Multi-mode Switch L/M/H
Main Gearcase Direct drive
Wheel Drive System 4WD
Front Diff Lock Electric control
Suspension System Independent. A-Arm Type
Brakes (front/rear) Hydraulic disc
Cargo Bed Capacity 150kg (330lbs)
Cargo Bed Dimension (mm, L x W x D) 813 x 1,067 x 305 (32″ x 42″ x 12″)
Ground Speed Up to 43kph
Tyres/Wheels 24×8-12 front 24×8-13 rear
Runtime/Range up to 105km
Weight (w/battery) 661kg
Battery Voltage 82V
Battery Capacity 8kWh
Battery Weight 84.8kg
Charger Charge Watts 1.5kw
Charger Charge Time 7 hours
Charger Weight 2.8kg